Fresh Berries

IMG_6407Bergen Farms is particularly busy in the summer months when we are not only packaging frozen berries, but we are also picking our fresh berries. With over 35 years of experience we have developed a picking schedule where each berry is harvested at its optimum time. Berries are brought directly from the field to our cooling facility to preserve the freshness and quality of these fragile fruits. Look for our fresh berries in stores during the summer months! Our fresh berries will be available at Thrifty Foods, and select fruit stands in British Columbia and Alberta.


Here is a list of our current fresh berry product offerings:

Strawberries: Available late May through late September

Raspberries: Available early June through late September

Blackberries: Available mid July through early September

Blueberries: Available mid July through late September

 *All product availability varies by store, is weather dependant and while supplies last*