Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What time of year are your berries ready and where can I get them?
A. For our fresh berries, strawberry season begins around the end of May and ending around mid June for our first crop, a second crop is available from August to September. Raspberries are available from early June to mid July and blueberries are available from the end of July to the end of September. Depending on the weather of course!

You will be able to find our delicious fresh berries at your local Thrifty Foods and select local markets.

Our frozen berry products are available all year long at Thrifty Foods and Sobeys locations in Western Canada.


Q. Are you organic?
A. Bergen Farms is not an organic farm, but we do our best to use as few sprays as possible on our plants. We use the Integrated Pest Control Method on our farm which you can read more about here. We want our customers to receive the best product possible so we will do what is necessary for the health of the plant and the quality of the product.


Q. Do we need to wash the berries before we eat them?
A. For fresh produce, even if you know where it came from, Health Canada recommends that you rinse fruit under cold, running tap water before preparing or eating it. Our frozen berry products do not need to be washed.


Q. Can we buy berries from the farm?
A. Sorry, we do not do any on farm sales.